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Learn More About The Race Audio Devotional Series (& hear a full sample)

Last week I released an audio devotional series called The Race. I thought I would spend some time in this blog post to explain more about the project.

What Is The Race?

The Race (vol 1) is an audio devotional series that contains 5 themed sets: The Race with Paul, The Race in the Psalms, The Race in the Gospels, The Race in the Old Testament, & The Race in the New Testament. Each set represents five devotionals in that theme (25 devos for volume one). These devotionals can be listened to on a computer, smartphone, tablet, mp3 player, or burned to a disc. The hope is that people will find this a convenient way to get encouragement in God’s Word.

What Does The Title Mean?

The race is a Biblical metaphor for the journey of life (see 1 Corinthians 9:24-27, 2 Timothy 4:7, Philippians 3:14, Hebrews 12:1). This represents everything from the training that is necessary to live life well, to the pacing that running a marathon teaches us about life. Furthermore, the title symbolizes the rush that we all feel when we are running through life just to keep up. The Race devotional series prepares us for the race of life and encourages us as we race through life.

Is The Race Biblically Sound?

My writing style is such that I always I use Scripture as the foundation of what I am writing. I start with the Scripture and then form the writing around that, as opposed to searching for verses that will support the point I am wanting to make. Everything that I write is flooded with Scripture. That is how I write books and how I approached The Race. In the 25 devotionals of The Race, vol 1, there are over 150 passages of Scripture.

How Do I Order The Race?

The Race is available at The Race Website, as well as on common music sites like iTunes and Amazon. At the website, you can purchase the entire volume one (all 5 sets) and a downloadable study guide for $20. On iTunes and Amazon, you will can purchase each individual set for around $5 (study guide not included). All proceeds of The Race benefit TheTransMission ministry which prepares teenagers for the challenges of life after high school (i.e. the transition to college). On the website, you can hear samples of The Race and purchase the entire volume. Once purchased, this file will be immediately sent to you in a zip file. Directions for how to transfer this to your music device/app is included on the order page.

Can I hear a full sample of The Race?

Below is the full version of the first devotional in The Race With Paul called “Run The Race” and focuses on this theme of running the race of life. I hope you enjoy this devotional series.

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