The Freedom Permit: Creating A Vision of Discipleship For Your Senior’s Last Year in High School

An Excerpt from Chapter Two of The Freedom Permit

Do you remember the day you received your driver’s license? I recall the morning I got mine. I had been dreaming of sitting behind the wheel for years, with nothing but freedom in my view. I knew that this was a monumental moment in my life. I was ready. I got to the test and passed it with flying colors. It was my 16th birthday, and all was right

with the world.

I passed that driving test for one main reason. I had spent the past 364 days with what we call a driver’s permit. This is a card that is issued to a person prior to earning a driver’s license. A driver’s permit represents a training period where the permitted learns how to handle the freedoms of driving an automobile, with Mom or Dad in the passenger seat. For me this was a year long process. My father and I would go to an empty parking lot and practice driving. I recall receiving instruction as if I was training to man the international space station. I never knew that when someone headed out on a quick errand that the process was so in-depth. As the months went on, I got better, though every time I did something wrong I was told that I had just hit an old lady crossing the street. The fact is I hit a lot of invisible pedestrians that year, but in the end, I learned how to safely drive a car. Since receiving my driver’s license a

few decades ago, I have developed the art of driving and built on to the skill that I learned that year of learning (and I haven’t hit an invisible person since). Issuing Another Kind of Permit

As you read this book, your child is in his last year of high school. Next year he will experience the most freedom he has ever had to date. For most teenagers, this is the largest dose of freedom that they have received since gaining the ability to drive. What if you, the parent, view this last year of high school as another permit year. Like with the driving permit, your child can spend this year learning how to handle life on his or her own, with you in the passenger seat.

This is your opportunity to build on everything that you have ever taught them about life, faith, and responsibility. This will include many important conversations, a lot of very teachable moments, and a year’s worth of memorable experiences that all help your freedom learner understand what it takes to live as a mature adult. It is time to issue a Freedom Permit.

The Freedom Permit has four parts: Spiritual Development, Life Management, Social Behaviors, and Goal Setting. It is designed to help parents maximize their last year with their high school senior. To order a copy of The Freedom Permit, click here or find on Amazon.

“The Freedom Permit is the best resource I have ever seen to help parents prepare their seniors for life away from home. We have used this resource with two of our children and it, not only brought our family closer together, but helped our kids make a smooth transition to college life”

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