Selfie: A Parent’s Guide To Social Media

Online Course

Are you concerned about kids and social media? Do you feel like you are behind on understanding what they can be exposed to and how to help? Chance are the answer to both of those questions is, yes!

Introducing the course: Selfie: The Parent’s Guide To Social Media. This course consist of 7 video sessions, ranging from Social Media 101 and understanding the 4 main dangers of social media, to looking into the 15 most popular platforms and offering 10 guidelines and ways to protect your kids online.

When you purchase this course, you get access to all of the video sessions, a PDF copy of the original Selfie book which includes a social media glossary and hashtag index. Also, you will have this content for life to re-review as you need. Furthermore, we will post a new video every 6 months for two years, beginning in January 2018, as an update, to let you know what has come out and how things have changed. In the summer of 2019, a newly revised version of this product will release and be available to purchase.

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