I write books that help Christians draw closer to Jesus. My first book was written to help teenagers navigate their faith journey through one of the toughest seasons of transition: high school to college. My two next books help parents guide their children through very difficult spiritual roadblocks: the senior year and social media.

Below is a list of my books. For each, you will find a short summary and a quote. If you are interested in ordering one of these books in print or ebook format, click on the book title to be directed to Amazon.

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Ownership Road: Leading Our Children To An Authentic Faith That Prepares Them For Life After High School (TDR Publishing2016)

This book will give Christian parents a vision for how to disciple their children, with the post high school transitional challenges in mind. Ownership Road calls parents to the role of the chief discipler and then identifies two major transitional roadblocks that can detour one’s faith. The main section of the book takes the reader down the road from “Followship to Ownership”. This is the path that all believers must make before developing a real, authentic walk with Christ. In the last section, the book breaks this down into the four transitional stages of discipleship and gives the reader practical examples for how to disciple kids ranging from early childhood to older teenage. For more details, click here.


Selfie: A Parent’s Guide To Social Media  (TDR Publishing2015)

“As a parent of 4 teens, I thought I had a good understanding of the social media and different apps McGregor talks about, but after reading this book, I have a much clearer understanding of the dangers each poses. This book gave me a good reason to discuss with my kids exactly why I don’t want them using certain apps.” 

Social media is one of the most defining achievements of the early 21st century. The influence of this social and cultural phenomenon has changed the way we speak, relate, and share with one another. Social media is not a passing trend, but rather is part of a new era of communication. For many adults, social media is a form of entertainment and a way to connect with old friends, but for teenagers it is so much more important than that. This book will take the reader from understanding more about the influence of social media on kids, to learning specifically how the most current and popular social networking platforms work. Most importantly, this book will help parents grasp how to lead their children to become healthier and more responsible in their online activities.

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The Freedom Permit: Creating A Vision of Discipleship For Your Senior’s Last Year in High School  (TDR Publishing2014)

“Tommy McGregor has put together a play by play users manual for parents who want to prepare their high school seniors for the leap into college and/or career. If you are looking for a guide to help you make the most of your time with your kids before they leave home, this is it. The Freedom Permit is chock-full of good ideas, parenting tips, discussion questions, and practical advice. I can’t think of a parent who wouldn’t benefit from reading this helpful book!”

Each year, students graduate from high school and struggle in the transition to college. The reasons for this are vast but the solution is to better prepare college-bound students for the challenge. In this book, Tommy McGregor, founder of TheTransMission, offers parents of high school seniors a model to follow as those parents spend this last year of high school preparing their child to live independently in college. The Freedom Permit is a concept that helps give parents a vision for how to lead this charge of equipping their student for life after high school. The first batch of freedom a teenager experiences is getting his driver’s license, yet before he can gain that freedom, he is issued a driver’s permit. This is a training period where the teen learns how to drive, with the parents in the passenger seat. Once that child gets to be a senior in high school, he is facing his next great freedom opportunity: college. The Freedom Permit challenges parents to view this last year at home as a training season for the freedoms ahead. It lays out this plan in four categories: Spiritual Development, Life Management, Social Behaviors, and Goal Setting. With this resource, parents of seniors will have a casted vision in front of them where they will just need to fill in the blanks and start the year-long process of discipleship.


Lost in Transition: Becoming Spiritually Prepared For College  (Tate Publishing2012)

“Lost in Transition is a must read for college-bound high school students and their parents. Tommy McGregor has put his finger on the major challenges Christian teenagers are likely to face as they transition into college. This book is filled with solid biblical truth and practical wisdom for students and parents alike.”

For many Christian students, the most difficult part of making the high school-to-college transition is the spiritual transition.  For some, college will be a time of great spiritual growth, but for others, it will be a season of drought in their faith.  In Lost in Transition, Tommy McGregor challenges the reader with the question, “Are you as spiritually mature right now as you want to be the day you graduate from college?” If the answer is “no,” then this book is for you.

Lost in Transition is for high school seniors and college freshmen who want to continue to grow in their relationships with Jesus once they go off to college.  Tommy challenges students to have realistic expectations of college and to learn how to take ownership of their faith.  This book will guide students toward their goal of maturing in their faith. It will help keep them from getting lost in transition.