Hey Mom, I found a new church…pass the turkey

As a parent of a new college freshman, how great would it be for your college student to come home for Thanksgiving and tell you that he/she has already found a new church? As you think about that, I want you to know that most college students do not find a new church their freshman year. Many never do. So, I think you know how excited you would be. Well, here is the trick. Share this with them or send this link for the article on TheTransMission website. I hope that, come November, you will hear these words, “Hey Mom, I found a new church…pass the turkey.”


First Week of College (or before): Find some friends who want to join in on the fun and find out which are the five best local churches in the area for you. You can ask older students, look online, or drive around and check out a few.

The First Sunday in September: Go to the first church on your list of five. Attend a worship event, find out what they have for college students, and talk to others who are there.

The Next Four Sundays: Do the same thing to the other four churches on your list of five.

The Second Sunday in October: Pick your top three churches and drop two from the list. Don’t feel bad; this is important. Now, go back to those top three options for the next three weeks.

The Last Sunday in October: Pick your favorite two remaining churches and visit one of them. Be sure to learn as much about this church as you can as it relates to your involvement.

The First Sunday in November: Go to the other church on your final list of two. After you do this, pick the one that you feel drawn to the most.

The Second Sunday in November: You have now picked a church. Go there and join. You have don’t a very thorough search for the right church and now you (and hopefully some friends) can jump in and become a valuable part of that community. Not to mention the whole, “guess what I did, mom/dad?” thing!

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