Episode 5: An Interview With Dr. Jay Wolf on Teaching Our Children To Be Biblically Sound

"Allow God's Word to come alive in your heart and then communicate it to your children."

In the May edition of my podcast, I interview my mentor and pastor, Jay Wolf on the topic of raising our children to be Biblically sound. I do not know anyone more qualified to speak on this topic. In the episode, we discuss what it means to be the CDO (chief discipling officer) of our kids and then how to help them learn to live scripture at each stage of childhood.

There were many great quotes from our conversation, but the one that sums them all up is: “Allow God’s Word to come alive in your heart and then communicate it to your children.” Jay and Mary Ruth have done this with their four children and now do so with their grandchildren. Many people are aware of Jay’s son and daughter-in-law, Jay and Katherine Wolf (he is referred to as Jason in the podcast), as their story has been shared with millions through their ministry and book, Hope Heals. One thing that I was not aware of, until Jay mentioned it on the podcast, was that we had schedule this interview on the 9th anniversary of Katherine’s stroke. This was a great realization for me as we discussed the impact of Scripture, learned as a child, being applied during a great storm of life.

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