Episode 4: An Interview With Tal Prince On Raising Kids In A Sex-Driven Society

“Parents must be the first and primary source that kids come to for information, particularly about sex and sexuality..."

The 4th episode of the Ownership Road Podcast is out and it is a doozy. My conversation is with Tal Prince, a Christian counselor and expert on sex addition. For almost an hour, we talk about everything from defining sex addition to how parents can talk about issues of sex to their children. I think the […]

Episode 3: An Interview With Caroline Knorr On Parenting & Online Media

"These (social apps) are free services and the price you are paying for those free services is your data."

Episode three of the Ownership Road Podcast is out and it is a good one. This month, I talk with Caroline Knorr, the Senior Parenting Editor of Common Sense Media. In this episode we discuss current social media trends, how advertisers target our children online, and some tips on how to protect your kids online. Please subscribe through […]

Bridging The Gap

Equipping Student Ministry Leaders in the Transition After High School

Throughout my 20+ years of ministry, I have been intently focused on the transition that teenagers face after high school. This has become my life’s work. I have learned about it through study and personal experience, and now I want to teach what I have learned to others in ministry. Beginning in early February, I […]

A Parent & A Friend

Why those two levels of relationship can go hand in hand

Recently I saw a headline about how a parent must choose to be a parent or a friend. As the title suggested, “you can’t be both.” My first reaction was defensive. I didn’t like the inclination that I can not pursue a friendship with my kids. Upon googling the topic, I found dozens of warnings […]

Second Edition of The Freedom Permit Is Available

The Freedom Permit: Creating A Vision of Discipleship For Your Senior’s Last Year in High School is an interactive resource for parents of high school seniors. The book was originally written in 2012 and has now been updated and re-released. This book will give parents a plan for how to make the most of the […]

Understanding The College Transition

An Excerpt From Chapter 3 of Ownership Road

There is an odd exchange that takes place in the life of a recent high school graduate on the day he moves away to go to college or other post high school destinations of choice. The night before, he lives under his parents’ roof, which incorporates everything from a curfew to a home-cooked meal. Then, literally, the next […]

Racial Peace Begins At Home

Teaching Our Children To Love Equally

I’m sitting in the study of my house this morning while my boys play (rather loudly) in the other room, oblivious of the sad world they live in today. They woke up this morning in a house of peace that sits in a world of fear. We are very careful to shield them from the […]

Modeling My Life After Chick-fil-a

Five things I learned about my faith from doing book signings in Chick-fil-a

In June, I kicked off the Ownership Road Summer Book Signing Tour at Chick-fil-a stores around Alabama. Many people have asked why I was doing this at Chick-fil-a. There are 3 main reasons. First, I hate doing bookstore book signings. They are boring and awkward. Secondly, this book is for Christian parents, which happen to […]