Six reasons why Christian teens struggle to make a healthy transition after high school. 

The transition after high school is the most challenging event in the life of most teenagers. Here are 6 reasons why Christian teens struggle to make a healthy transition after high school. 1. They underestimate the need to prepare for the transition. Many teenagers who grow up in a solid Christian environment find themselves bubbled […]

Episode 6: An Interview With Kari Kampakis on Raising Girls

"You can’t control what people say to you or about you, but you can control your response."

As the summer season hits for us all, I wanted to focus the podcast on the topics of raising girls and raising boys. Boys and girls are different in so many ways, and therefore, the approach to raising them must be different as well. To prepare for this two-part series, I went to Facebook and asked for suggestions […]

Episode 3: An Interview With Caroline Knorr On Parenting & Online Media

"These (social apps) are free services and the price you are paying for those free services is your data."

Episode three of the Ownership Road Podcast is out and it is a good one. This month, I talk with Caroline Knorr, the Senior Parenting Editor of Common Sense Media. In this episode we discuss current social media trends, how advertisers target our children online, and some tips on how to protect your kids online. Please subscribe through […]

OurPact App Review

Raising children in the digital world is difficult. If parenting wasn’t hard enough, guiding our kids to a place of health and security online is almost enough to overcome the best intentioned parent. Thankfully, there are a lot of good resources out there to help us monitor and protect our kids from harm online. One […]

Finding Purpose Like A Game of Marco Polo

Introducing a new resource called Career Direct

Do remember playing Marco Polo in the pool with friends? Maybe you still play it with your kids. The basic premise is that someone closes his eyes and tries to find another person while walking around the shallow end, calling for “Marco” in which the other person(s) replies “Polo.” Hearing the response is the only […]

Teaching Respectfulness

Leading Our Children Through Today’s Culture of Disrespect

We all know how to spell it; Aretha made sure of that. But when it comes to respect, do we know what it is and how important it actually is to teach to our children? We live is a world that lacks respect. Years ago, respectfulness was expected even when it wasn’t necessarily deserved. Throughout […]

Understanding The College Transition

An Excerpt From Chapter 3 of Ownership Road

There is an odd exchange that takes place in the life of a recent high school graduate on the day he moves away to go to college or other post high school destinations of choice. The night before, he lives under his parents’ roof, which incorporates everything from a curfew to a home-cooked meal. Then, literally, the next […]

Defining Followship

Is Following Jesus More Like Simon Says or Follow The Leader?

The heart of my book, Ownership Road, is the section called “The Road From Followship To Ownership.” This is the journey that all believers must take to gain faith ownership and develop an authentic faith. The word “followship” is not a common word. I am not sure that I made it up though I am […]