Episode 3: An Interview With Caroline Knorr On Parenting & Online Media

"These (social apps) are free services and the price you are paying for those free services is your data."

Episode three of the Ownership Road Podcast is out and it is a good one. This month, I talk with Caroline Knorr, the Senior Parenting Editor of Common Sense Media. In this episode we discuss current social media trends, how advertisers target our children online, and some tips on how to protect your kids online. Please subscribe through […]

Kids and Advertising

Educating Your Children on Becoming Smart Consumers

This Friday, I will post the third episode of the Ownership Road Podcast. On the March edition, I am talking with Caroline Knorr of Common Sense Media. One of the topics we discuss is how advertisers are attracting young kids by disguising ads so that they are attractive to kids. As Knorr says in the podcast, […]

Being A Technology Role Model To My Kids

Today I recorded an interview for the March edition of the Ownership Road podcast. My interview was with Caroline Knorr of Common Sense Media. It was a great conversation and will be released by March 10. One of the many topics we discussed was begin a role model, for our children, when it comes to […]

OurPact App Review

Raising children in the digital world is difficult. If parenting wasn’t hard enough, guiding our kids to a place of health and security online is almost enough to overcome the best intentioned parent. Thankfully, there are a lot of good resources out there to help us monitor and protect our kids from harm online. One […]

The World Our Children Live In

an abridged excerpt from Ownership Road

Kids today are overly stressed, media saturated, relationally malnourished, over materialized, ADD defined, and often confused about who they are suppose to be. It has become the norm to pile adult pressures on our kids. This is both a direct cultural influence as well as an indirect one from parents and other culturally consumed adults. […]

Teaching A Healthy Perspective in Relationships

How Porn is killing our kid's view of the opposite sex!

This morning, I was online and found this article that someone shared. The title caught my eye: “SEX BEFORE KISSING: 15-YEAR-OLD GIRLS DEALING WITH PORN ADDICTED BOYS”. The premise is that young children and teen boys are already so familiar with porn that they are bringing explicit sexual expectations into what we used to call […]

What’s Too Young For Social Media?

Five questions to ask yourself as you determine if your child is mature enough for social media!

I get this question a lot. The inquiry usually comes from parents who are looking for an excuse to say “no, not yet” to their underaged technology geniuses. For many, that answer is more firm than many understand. There is actually a red line for social media users, and that age is 13. According to […]