Lost In Transition – 10 Year Edition

My first book, Lost in Transition: Becoming Spiritually Prepared For College, is now in it’s third edition. This edition is also a 10 year edition to celebrate the original release in 2007. This book will guide students toward their goal of maturing in their faith. It will help keep them from getting lost in transition. In […]

Using The Race To Prepare For Easter

An Easter Schedule for The Race Devotional Series

Last week, I released a new product called The Race. This is an audio-based devotional series that gives 25 devotionals, all put to music, for encouragement and insight while driving, exercising, or just spending time in the Word. Each devotional is approximately five to six minutes long. As we begin Holy Week in a few […]

The Race Is On

Learn More About The Race Audio Devotional Series (& hear a full sample)

Last week I released an audio devotional series called The Race. I thought I would spend some time in this blog post to explain more about the project. What Is The Race? The Race (vol 1) is an audio devotional series that contains 5 themed sets: The Race with Paul, The Race in the Psalms, […]

OurPact App Review

Raising children in the digital world is difficult. If parenting wasn’t hard enough, guiding our kids to a place of health and security online is almost enough to overcome the best intentioned parent. Thankfully, there are a lot of good resources out there to help us monitor and protect our kids from harm online. One […]

Finding Purpose Like A Game of Marco Polo

Introducing a new resource called Career Direct

Do remember playing Marco Polo in the pool with friends? Maybe you still play it with your kids. The basic premise is that someone closes his eyes and tries to find another person while walking around the shallow end, calling for “Marco” in which the other person(s) replies “Polo.” Hearing the response is the only […]

Free Family Bible Study

Help Your Kids Do Some Spiritual Spring Cleaning!

As I Corinthians 3:16 reminds us, our body is a temple for the Lord. In Revelation 3:20, Jesus says that he is knocking, waiting for the door to be opened so that he can come in and be with us. This family Bible study looks at five “rooms” of our spiritual house as we welcome […]