Episode 5: An Interview With Dr. Jay Wolf on Teaching Our Children To Be Biblically Sound

"Allow God's Word to come alive in your heart and then communicate it to your children."

In the May edition of my podcast, I interview my mentor and pastor, Jay Wolf on the topic of raising our children to be Biblically sound. I do not know anyone more qualified to speak on this topic. In the episode, we discuss what it means to be the CDO (chief discipling officer) of our […]

Using The Race To Prepare For Easter

An Easter Schedule for The Race Devotional Series

Last week, I released a new product called The Race. This is an audio-based devotional series that gives 25 devotionals, all put to music, for encouragement and insight while driving, exercising, or just spending time in the Word. Each devotional is approximately five to six minutes long. As we begin Holy Week in a few […]

Episode 2: An Interview With Patrick Quinn About Parenting

"What your children see you doing in moderation, your children will always do in excess."

Here is episode two of the Ownership Road Podcast. This monthly publication will help parents learn how to be a better discipler of their children through monthly interviews with parenting and discipleship experts. This month, I talk with author and pastor Patrick Quinn about his book, How To Ruin Your Chid In 7 Easy Steps. Tune […]

Defining Followship

Is Following Jesus More Like Simon Says or Follow The Leader?

The heart of my book, Ownership Road, is the section called “The Road From Followship To Ownership.” This is the journey that all believers must take to gain faith ownership and develop an authentic faith. The word “followship” is not a common word. I am not sure that I made it up though I am […]

Writing A Book About Discipleship To A World In A Discipleship Deficit.

4 Reasons You Will Never Read Ownership Road

A few weeks ago I was at a men’s conference when Rick Burgess (from Rick & Bubba) talked about a Men’s Ministry he helped start at his church. The purpose of this ministry was to challenge men to step up and be men of God. He said it would have to be a tough message […]

Modeling My Life After Chick-fil-a

Five things I learned about my faith from doing book signings in Chick-fil-a

In June, I kicked off the Ownership Road Summer Book Signing Tour at Chick-fil-a stores around Alabama. Many people have asked why I was doing this at Chick-fil-a. There are 3 main reasons. First, I hate doing bookstore book signings. They are boring and awkward. Secondly, this book is for Christian parents, which happen to […]

The Formative Stage of Discipleship

Five objectives while leading your child through the Formative Stage of Discipleship!

Beginning in chapter eleven of my book Ownership Road: Leading Our Children To An Authentic Faith That Prepares Them For Life After High School, I present the four stages of discipleship. Previously, in the book, I had laid out the five discipleship steps along the road from followship to ownership, and then I flesh that […]

Modeling Marriage For Our Children

Teaching Our Kids How To Have A Healthy Marriage By Modeling What A Healthy Marriage Looks Like

Marriage: The loving act, ordained by God, of a man and woman committing to each other in a covenant relationship until death do they part. That is the definition of marriage that has existed as long as time itself. Yet, in our society today, this basic definition has caused great confusion, as if someone was […]

Introducing The Ownership Road Summer Book Club

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“I need to read this book but I am not sure when I will ever start it!” I have heard this from a lot of people over the past two weeks since releasing Ownership Road. Some people are always reading books, while others never seem to find the time. I can relate to that myself, which […]