Being A Technology Role Model To My Kids

Today I recorded an interview for the March edition of the Ownership Road podcast. My interview was with Caroline Knorr of Common Sense Media. It was a great conversation and will be released by March 10. One of the many topics we discussed was begin a role model, for our children, when it comes to cell phone and media usage. I think this is important because, as a parent, we do need to set the standard for how to act online.

This topic also came up in my February podcast interview with pastor and author Patrick Quinn. In his example, he was struggling with telling his teenage daughter that she did not need to text and drive, since he often did it himself. We all need to take our thoughts captive and do a self-evaluation. If we don’t want our children to do it, then maybe we shouldn’t either.

In this article, Caroline Know writes about being the tech role model for your children and gives 5 suggestions for how to do that. The one that I mostly identify with is “Turn Off Work.” I am always working, even when I am not at work. It is not uncommon to check email and reply to them during Family Movie Night or when we are sitting down at dinner together. The truth is, it can wait.

Our children are watching and they are learning from us (good and bad). We all grow up to sound like our parents; lets make sure that the things our kids begin emulating of us is healthy and positive to their development.

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