Finding Purpose Like A Game of Marco Polo

Introducing a new resource called Career Direct


Do remember playing Marco Polo in the pool with friends? Maybe you still play it with your kids. The basic premise is that someone closes his eyes and tries to find another person while walking around the shallow end, calling for “Marco” in which the other person(s) replies “Polo.” Hearing the response is the only […]

Teaching Respectfulness

Leading Our Children Through Today’s Culture of Disrespect


We all know how to spell it; Aretha made sure of that. But when it comes to respect, do we know what it is and how important it actually is to teach to our children? We live is a world that lacks respect. Years ago, respectfulness was expected even when it wasn’t necessarily deserved. Throughout […]

Second Edition of The Freedom Permit Is Available

The Freedom Permit: Creating A Vision of Discipleship For Your Senior’s Last Year in High School is an interactive resource for parents of high school seniors. The book was originally written in 2012 and has now been updated and re-released. This book will give parents a plan for how to make the most of the […]

Understanding The College Transition

An Excerpt From Chapter 3 of Ownership Road


There is an odd exchange that takes place in the life of a recent high school graduate on the day he moves away to go to college or other post high school destinations of choice. The night before, he lives under his parents’ roof, which incorporates everything from a curfew to a home-cooked meal. Then, literally, the next […]

Defining Followship

Is Following Jesus More Like Simon Says or Follow The Leader?


The heart of my book, Ownership Road, is the section called “The Road From Followship To Ownership.” This is the journey that all believers must take to gain faith ownership and develop an authentic faith. The word “followship” is not a common word. I am not sure that I made it up though I am […]

Writing A Book About Discipleship To A World In A Discipleship Deficit.

4 Reasons You Will Never Read Ownership Road

A few weeks ago I was at a men’s conference when Rick Burgess (from Rick & Bubba) talked about a Men’s Ministry he helped start at his church. The purpose of this ministry was to challenge men to step up and be men of God. He said it would have to be a tough message […]

Racial Peace Begins At Home

Teaching Our Children To Love Equally


I’m sitting in the study of my house this morning while my boys play (rather loudly) in the other room, oblivious of the sad world they live in today. They woke up this morning in a house of peace that sits in a world of fear. We are very careful to shield them from the […]

Modeling My Life After Chick-fil-a

Five things I learned about my faith from doing book signings in Chick-fil-a

In June, I kicked off the Ownership Road Summer Book Signing Tour at Chick-fil-a stores around Alabama. Many people have asked why I was doing this at Chick-fil-a. There are 3 main reasons. First, I hate doing bookstore book signings. They are boring and awkward. Secondly, this book is for Christian parents, which happen to […]

The World Our Children Live In

an abridged excerpt from Ownership Road


Kids today are overly stressed, media saturated, relationally malnourished, over materialized, ADD defined, and often confused about who they are suppose to be. It has become the norm to pile adult pressures on our kids. This is both a direct cultural influence as well as an indirect one from parents and other culturally consumed adults. […]