Six reasons why Christian teens struggle to make a healthy transition after high school. 

The transition after high school is the most challenging event in the life of most teenagers. Here are 6 reasons why Christian teens struggle to make a healthy transition after high school. 1. They underestimate the need to prepare for the transition. Many teenagers who grow up in a solid Christian environment find themselves bubbled […]

Bridging The Gap Youth Ministry Training Workshops

Fall Event Schedule

The struggle students face as they transition out of high school is arguably the most difficult challenge of the teenage years. Even though church leaders feel called to prepare students for those challenges, often times they do not feel equipped to know how to do it. In 2010, author Tommy McGregor founded TheTransMission to partner […]

The Day I Ran For Homecoming Queen

An Excerpt From Chapter Two of Lost in Transition

When I was a high school senior, I wanted to do something memorable, something special that I could be remembered for. One morning that fall, I was reading the announcements over the school-wide intercom as part of my first period office aid job, and I discovered my opportunity. I was asked to read the rules […]

The Freedom Permit: Creating A Vision of Discipleship For Your Senior’s Last Year in High School

An Excerpt from Chapter Two of The Freedom Permit

Do you remember the day you received your driver’s license? I recall the morning I got mine. I had been dreaming of sitting behind the wheel for years, with nothing but freedom in my view. I knew that this was a monumental moment in my life. I was ready. I got to the test and […]

Ownership Road: Leading Our Children To An Authentic Faith That Prepares Them For Life After High School

“Kids today are overly stressed, media saturated, relationally malnourished, over materialized, ADD defined, and often confused about who they are suppose to be. It has become the norm to pile adult pressures on our kids….According to (one study), approximately 60 percent of teenagers and 50 percent of “tweenagers” say that they are always on the […]

Selfie: A Parent’s Guide To Social Media

Online Course

Are you concerned about kids and social media? Do you feel like you are behind on understanding what they can be exposed to and how to help? Chance are the answer to both of those questions is, yes! Introducing the course: Selfie: The Parent’s Guide To Social Media. This course consist of 7 video sessions, ranging […]